Zoo Race NFT

Race for Glory,
Own the Story!

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Experience heart-pounding action as you compete head-to-head in intense NFT-powered races


Choose from a captivating array of NFT characters, each with unique traits and abilities to dominate the tracks

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Own your racing destiny with blockchain-based NFT ownership, giving you control over your characters and achievements

NFT Marketplace


Discover game-changing NFT power-ups that give you the edge to surge ahead and secure victory !

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What is Zoo Race ?

Zoo Race is an innovative GameFi venture that offers players an immersive gaming experience centered around competitive racing. Participants engage in thrilling races, pitting their skills against each other in a dynamic race mode. What sets this project apart is its utilization of NFTs as characters, adding a unique dimension to the gameplay. Each player owns distinct NFT characters, allowing for personalized strategies and fostering a sense of ownership within the virtual racing universe. By merging blockchain technology and gaming, Zoo Race creates an engaging ecosystem that combines competition and NFT-based ownership.



Q1 2023 - Project Inception and Team Formation

  • Project Kickoff: Zoo Race project is initiated, and the concept of an NFT-powered racing game is born.
  • Team Assembly: A talented team of developers, designers, blockchain experts, and gaming enthusiasts is brought together to lay the foundation for the project.
  • Initial Investment: Secure initial funding and investments to fuel the development and execution of Zoo Race.


Q2 2023 - Concept Development and Preparations

  • Game concept Rafinement: Futher define the gameplay mechanics, NFT integration andimmersive racing experience.
  • Technical Preparations: Lay the groundwork for technical development and vlockchain integration.


Q3 2023 - Whitepaper, Tokenomics, and Technical Development Kickoff

  • Whitepaper Creation: Develop a detailed whitepaper outlining the core features, mechanics and vision of Zoo Race
  • Tocenomics Design: Design the token economy that will drive in-game transactions, rewards and engagement
  • Smart Contract Development: Initate the creation of smart contracts that will power the NFT interactions and token functionalities.


Q4 2023 - Tokenomics Finalization and Community Building

  • Tokenomics Refinement: Futher refine the token economy based on feedback from advisors, blockchain experts a the community.
  • Community Engagement: Begin building an active and angaged community around Zoo Race through social media, forums and announcements.


Q1 2024 - Technical Development and Beta Testing Preparation

  • Technical Development: Execute the technical development of Zoo Race, including the racing mechanics, virtual tracks and NFT integration.
  • Beta Testing Preparation: Prepare the game for beta testing, ensuring a smooth experience for testers.


Q2 2024 - Beta Testing, Game Launch, and NFT Marketplace

  • Beta Testing: Invite a select group of players to participate in beta testing, gathering valuable feedback and insights for improvements.
  • Game Launch: Officially launch Zoo Race, allowing players to drive into the immersive NFT-powered racing universe.
  • NFT Marketplace Launch: Introduce the NFT marketplace, enabling players to trade, buy and sell their unique NFT characters.


Q3-Q4 2024 - Post-Launch Enhancements and Ecosystem Growt

  • Post-Launch Optimization: Cuntinuously refine the game based on user feedback, ensuring an exceptional gaming experience
  • Ecosystem Expansion: Explore partnerships and collaborations to expand the Zoo Race ecosystem, integrating with other GameFi projects and platforms.